There are many things to do at the Bintan Island

Many people often visit Indonesia in order to get their senses back on track. This natural paradise, on the Asean region, is home to many beaches and exotic islands. Even we decided to head to Indonesia in a hope to cover Bali and of course Bintan.

Our journey started from Singapore itself as we decided to take the Singapore to Bintan ferry. The ferry ride was breathtaking to say the least and we enjoyed a lot on the waters. We had booked our hotel accommodation (and also the ferry tickets) right over the internet, in order to best the rush that the island attracts every single year.

About the island

Before we get into the details of our journey, let us tell you something about the island itself. The island is actually an archipelago, which falls under the Riau group. The whole island is famous for its own heritage, culture and of course history. The island, in the 3rd century, acted as a trading post between India and China. The capital of the island is Tanjung Pinang, and it is actually quite a bustling town.

The destination itself


The island of Bintan is a very famous place for relaxing, thanks to its calm and cool environment. Visitors like us often visit this place in order to soak in the natural habitat of the area. The place is surrounded by various famous beaches and you can hit any one of them in order chill out in the sun and sand.

The Trikora beach is the most famous beach out of the lot. The Trikora beach is visited regularly by many tourists and many local people, as it is one of the best places of hang out in the region.

The famous resorts and spas

Bintan is famous spot for exotic holiday. There are several spas and resorts in the area. Even we decided to head to a spa as soon as out ferry stopped at the island in order get our bodies rejuvenated in the best possible way. The spas on the island are actually quite exclusive and they offer various types of natural and organic remedies to all your body’s problem.

The spas here are actually quite inexpensive and in terms of quality they are quite immaculate.

The exploration

The spa definitely was quite useful for us because it allowed us to explore the island even better. Before heading to bintan booking easybook bintan ferry, we knew that the island was blessed with various adventures spot and destination. For example, the island is home to the Gunung Bintan adventure trek. The trek is quite famous all around the world and many visitors, like us, often take part in this trek.

The trek allows you to get closer to the natural mountains and rainforests of the area. After the trek you can also explore the Lagoi Park and its natural reservoir.

So, if you are feeling bored, then feel free to explore Bintan.

How to Find Wonderful Car Rental Service Online

When you are booking car for the road trip, it is crucial to make sure that the rental venture provides you vehicle in a good condition. When you start searching, you will find a hundreds of ventures giving you car on rent in specific areas. Hence, it is important to compare services and to guess the right service provider you need to do little research and find suitably one as per your travelling requirements.

If you are hiring online then customer reviews will be of great help and a reliable as well as trustworthy means of finding good rental ventures. Learning from people’s experience is always a good idea as you will learn from other’s experiences who has already availed service.

How to Look for Customer Reviews Online?

Here are some ways you can do it:

  • Read every customer reviews carefully
  • Select the ventures that are well-known for offering customized customer service
  • After that compare the price packages given by each service provider
  • Usually, many reputed ventures provide superior quality services on best price.


The Safety Concern

Safety is main concern (both life and belongings) that should be take care. You must not consider the factor while looking for penang car rental. The venture you pick must offer quick, helpful and 24*7 support to their customers.

If you ever came across crisis such as sudden collapse of the vehicle, someplace in the mid of your journey, then you should be in situation to give you the backup vehicle as soon as possible. They are available for you 24*7 to you as emergency situations can occur anytime anywhere.

Where You can Find Customer Reviews?

You can get a lot of customer reviews over a number of review websites. There are various travel website where you can find customer’s feedbacks as well as comments on the same website. By looking at the online reviews, you can easily decide which service provider can give you best service, well-maintained cars in good rates.

Some travel websites offer updated information related to almost every service providers. You can also utilize a lot of search tools on such websites in order to dig out information about various companies, according to the location of your choice.

How to Choose Luxury car rental Service Providers?

If you wish to travel in luxury cars for any special occasions such as anniversaries, client visit, weddings, birthdays, etc, then first compare the rates and features offered by different luxury car rental ventures. Many service providers have their own websites where they display information that their customers requires, such as images, special deals, features, prices, etc.

Whenever you wish to hire luxury car, you can from the models offers by your service provider that perfectly suits your need. For example, if you want to travel for long distance, then you may require to some comfortable seat. If you are going on trip with a lot of people, then SUV is the best option for you and your family.

Top Ten Restaurants in Malaysia

Malaysia is a wonderful place and much-liked tourist destination. Every year a number of tourists visit the nation to enjoy its food and various sight-seeing. When you visit the place, you will find a number of restaurants over there; here is a list of top ten restaurants in Malaysia.

The Bird Restaurant

In this bird themed restaurant, you will find out some of the exciting food; you will get a mix of Malay and Chinese cuisine. The authentic food of this place will for sure make your day. Not just food, you will also be impressed with the decor of the place.


Songket is a place that where you can get authentic Malay food. The restaurant offers a classic cultural experience to its customers. The food Songket offers and the menu is a representation of cultural celebration of Malaysia. It is located in Yap Kwan Seng.

The 39 Restaurant


The restaurants present the panoramic view of the city Kuala Lumpur. Here also you can enjoy the best Malay food with great comfort. The 39 restaurant located in the PNB darby Park. The food is of high-quality and is prepared by well-know chefs.

Nasi Kandar Pelita

Nasi Kandar Pelita is a family run restaurant which is popular for offering amazing local cuisine. Nasi Kandar is actually an India Muslim dish that is mouth-watering. This restaurant is just perfect if you have budget concerns in your trip. The restaurant is located in the Tingkat.

Ah Koong Restaurant

The restaurant offers good food as well, fish ball noodles- a traditional food of Malaysia, is being the trademark of this restaurant. Cuisine is pure and yummy, and the restaurant is located in Off Jalan Pudu.

Precious Old China

Precious Old China is a kitchen which is run by well-known chef John Locke. It is located in central market in KL- well known for Chinese-Malaysian food. When visit Malaysia do not forget to go there.

Well! This is just one list of the restaurants; aside from this you can also find out good restaurants where you can enjoy best food as well as good ambience.